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released May 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Inside Voices Ruston, Louisiana

Inside Voices is:
Tyler Jones
Connor Matthews
Jory Green
Ruston, LA //Vicksburg, MS

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Track Name: Dewed
Staring at my reflection again, I don't see the person I once was
but I still feel like the person I've always been
Constantly contemplating what I'm supposed to do here

I'm still trying to realign my priorities
but there so out of line, I just seize
and try to appease this habit of mine

I always start at the beginning
but I can never find the ending
I've always been so bad with symmetry

I've always been so bad with symmetry

whether or not this is right
Must shorten
The stress I put in my life
Ask myself
The same question again

Yeah, I know I exist, but am I really Alive?
Track Name: Trash Panda
Where have I been here lately?
Focused on integrating, taking leaps and landing safely
but sometimes the landing's shaky
and I find it's the falls that make or break me
Even when I land on my feet, they're still aching

Starting from scratch, where to begin?
I've learned that this doesn't depend on how I start, just where I end
And also plans rarely go as intended
Some sanity would be splendid
Putting this all together, searching for what fits better
while I've been adjusting to reality
Still trying to work hard so that things can be easy

I left my glasses at home again
It's something I do but never intend
Looking around now, things all start to blend
Hope I can find my way to the end

Hope I can find my way to the end

Starting from scratch, where to begin?
I've learned that this doesn't depend on how I start just where I end

Adjusting to reality
I'll get it together eventually
Track Name: BasiCali
How does your self conscience let you fall unconscious at night?
I imagined the things you do would eat away at your insides

You're not completely useless
you're just better used as a bad example
Wearing tighter clothes won't keep your chunky legs closed
Keep your bullshit to yourself
What do you think you know?

Well stick to what you think
I'll stick to what I know
Swallow another pill
Fall into comatose

Does wearing that much makeup make you feel less tainted?
Because from here, you just look horribly painted

You're just as made up as time
That's all you wasted of mine
You're just a waste of a mind
Just wasted all of the time